Month: April 2014

D.C. Won’t Enforce 24-Hour Waiting Period for Tattoos

It’s the age-old story of misconception versus reality. watch movie Get Out 2017 now Last September, the D.C. Health Department proposed a 24-hour waiting period for clients looking to get a tattoo or piercing. Their reasoning behind the proposal? “They

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A Tattoo That Makes Music

Tattoos are works of visual style. But what if they had other functions that can’t be detected by the eye? Such is the inkwork on Dmitry Morozov, a visual artist. He has a tattoo on his arm that serves as

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Tattoos in Movies: Johnny Depp, George Clooney, James Franco Get Inked

As reported by Tattoo Snob, a website called has compiled clips of tattoos in film. The result is a video montage that spans from “Jaws” to “Lethal Weapon” to, of course, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” The cast

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Married People Less Likely to Have Tattoos? Infographic on Getting Inked

Here’s a crafty infographic from the National Post. While it gives a general overview on tattooing as a whole, it’s more than just a review of basic material. It asks some intriguing questions like: 1. Are single people more likely

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Perseverance — Art Show Honors the Tradition of Japanese Tattoos

LA Weekly has put up a nice blog piece on “Perseverance,” a tattoo art-show that was held last Saturday at the Japanese National Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. The show focused on traditional Japanese tattoos, with models going on display

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Students Turn 3D Printer Into a Tattoo Machine

Has this given birth to the age of cyborg tattoo artists? As reported in New Scientist, a group of design students in France have hacked a 3D printer, turning it into an automated tattoo machine. This was done as part

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Army Sets Far-Reaching Restrictions on Tattoos

Tattoos have long been associated with service men. Soldiers may get ink to commemorate the platoon they’d served in. Navy men may get tattoos that chronicle their travels across the globe. And so it comes as a bit of surprise

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